Our Experience

PathSight is a company that has been assisting Fortune 500, mid-size, and startup in the financial, medical, insurance, events, and healthcare sectors.   We have generated millions of leads and generated billions of dollars of revenue for our clients.

Predictive Analytics

Health Insurance

An early-stage health insurance company went from a cold start to booking 700,000 new customers years end.


A private equity fueled project we were contracted to create a digital community for a magazine that could replace the magazine. Within 18 month we accomplished that goal and that helped the community to get sold into an existing ad network.


Assisted an end-of-life services company to enhance their sales campaign to adopt an omnichannel approach. With these changes, they not only increased the number of leads but also the number of sales conversions. 


A client with a 50-year relationship with the government provided a unique opportunity evaluate how they message to their employees about health insurance. In one year, they changed their messaging but kept the same budget items across media platforms, CPM rates, and KPIs.  All key measures of messaging success, e.g., volume, sales conversion, and customer satisfaction were soundly positive.

“PathSight didn’t just build a better mousetrap — their approach is revolutionary. I believe it will have a seismic effect on how marketers engage with consumers from today forward.”

Paula Balzer, CEO TBA Global

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