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PathSight Model of Why

Increased Conversions

By using the PathSight Insight Platform to understand your customers, you will fundamentally create better leads to drive sales.  We have seen the battle play out as to the quality of ones leads vs a belief that leads are all the same so the more the merrier.  When we build leads based on what we know about our customers and the marketplace they are in, we know that they generate more conversions when compared to generic leads.   It makes sense that when we know why people do what they do, there is see a premium for conversion behaviors.  

Clear ROI

When we use Key Performance Objectives as the barometer of measuring success, we make sure that these metrics are transparent when we declare victory.   We are obsessive in the way we plan and meticulous in our execution.  We make sure that there are no surprises, and you will know why we do what we do at every step of way.

Competitive Edge

For the past 10-years, PathSight has worked to navigate the world using Neuroscience, Data Science and Behavioral Science as guideposts for an emerging Model of Why people do what they do.  As such, we know that the science, the architecture, and the execution of our work for you are based on what we know works.  And we believe that this qualifies as your competitive edge in this highly competitive market.

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PathSight Predictive Science arose out of 50 years of intense historical scientific study and over 80,000 direct survey participants. The result is an extraordinary system that uses proprietary analytics and advanced machine learning. The result is a stable and stunningly accurate predictors of a person’s thoughts, beliefs and actions across any number of human activities.


Ever wondered WHY people really do what they do?

The Search For Why Book by Bob Raleigh

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