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PathSight Model of Why

Instinctive Alignment

PathSight turns consumer insights into your competitive edge.

In a world where your customers face new and different opportunities everyday, PathSight emerges as a guiding light, offering unparalleled clarity and precision in marketing and lead generation.

Precision Lead Generation uses data-driven methods to target and engage potential customers more accurately and efficiently.

Experience lead generation redefined for the modern era.

Easy Process

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3 Easy Steps to Engagement

Step 1: Comprehensive Onboarding

Our onboarding process sets us apart. We dive deep into understanding your business, ensuring every strategy is perfectly tailored to your unique needs. This detailed first step sets the stage for more efficient and targeted lead generation.

Step 2: Strategic Execution

The result of a thorough onboarding process is a well-constructed campaign that is built on data that conforms to the Key Performing Objectives that define our purpose.  We make sure that thescience we use to attract your leads are aligned to these KPOs and the behaviors that define them.

Step 3: Transparent Reporting

The third step is a vigorous and transparent reporting process.  We establish the metrics in the first step and deliver the news in the third step.

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Increased Conversions

By aligning business strategies with customer behavior, achieve higher conversion rates and sales.

Clear ROI

Translate behavioral insights into tangible business outcomes, demonstrating clear return on investment.

Competitive Edge

In a market where many businesses are reactive, having predictive behavioral insights provides a significant competitive advantage.

People Insights

Instinctive Alignment

The Proof is in Our Experience.

Pathsight has optimized lead generation for Fortune 500, mid-size and start ups in various industries, including financial, medical, sports marketing, entertainment, insurance, events, and healthcare sectors.

We’ve generated millions of leads and driven billions in revenue, proving our approach’s effectiveness.


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Featuring testimonials from industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies, underscoring the transformative impact of PathSight’s strategies.

Paula Balzar

CEO, TBA Global

“PathSight didn’t just build a better mousetrap — their approach is revolutionary. I believe it will have a seismic effect on how marketers engage with consumers from today forward.”

Dennis Robbins

PhD, MPH, Author, Advisor to Federal, Fortune 100 companies, President's & White House Commissions

“Engaging people in a manner that resonates with them requires understanding and triggering their instinctual patterns that influence their choices. Having a helpful framework to guide us is critical.  PathSight does just that.”


Elevate Your Marketing with Our Unique Blend of Scientific Insights and Advanced Technology

PathSight Predictive Science arose out of 50 years of intense historical scientific study and over 80,000 direct survey participants. The result is an extraordinary system that uses proprietary analytics and advanced machine learning. The result is a stable and stunningly accurate predictors of a person’s thoughts, beliefs and actions across any number of human activities.

It is why people do what they do.

PathSight Lands Its Third Government Related Contract

PathSight Lands Its Third Government Related Contract

GREENWICH, Conn., March 28, 2022 ( - PathSight Predictive Science is the data engine behind new tools in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training across several government departments including the US Armed Forces. Pathsight, which has a...

The Demands of The Hybrid Workplace

The Demands of The Hybrid Workplace

Investing in Inclusive Productivity The COVID-19 Pandemic has revealed some truths that were hiding in plain sight all along. In pre-pandemic America, we were losing an estimated $1 trillion dollars a year from the sinking rate of employee engagement. Add to that, the...

Travel Data Explained

Travel Data Explained

athsight Predictive Science, a Connecticut Data Science Company announced today the release of its “Summer Series of Insights.” Pathsight Predictive Analytics, a Connecticut Data Sciences Company announces...

The Age of Adhocracy

The Age of Adhocracy

Understanding the role of biologic instincts in decision-making provides a strategic foundation for approaching every person-to-person engagement with deliberate intention and precision.

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