The Demands of The Hybrid Workplace

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The Demands of A Hybrid Workplace

Investing in Inclusive Productivity

The COVID-19 Pandemic has revealed some truths that were hiding in plain sight all along.

In pre-pandemic America, we were losing an estimated $1 trillion dollars a year from the sinking rate of employee engagement. Add to that, the collective demands for social justice across our culture and those losses begin to spin out of control.

This has revealed the gaping holes in how our employee populations team, collaborate, and generally fall dangerously silent at the notion of accepting each other’s differences.

The conventional answers have been recycled for decades and only treat the symptoms without understanding why they have persisted for so long. As we prepare to answer the challenges of the Hybrid Workplace, we need to find the answer to WHY.

The Model of Why

The Model of Why generates whole person insights that are more stable, predictable, and based on actionable insights that impact people’s behaviors.

  • Inclusive Not Divisive
  • Population Based Insights
  • Sustainable Behavior Change
  • Advanced Teaming Metrics
  • Customized Dashboards

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