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GREENWICH, Conn., March 28, 2022 ( – PathSight Predictive Science is the data engine behind new tools in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training across several government departments including the US Armed Forces. Pathsight, which has a proprietary approach to segmentation, utilizes its data inspired model to more effectively assess, teach, and communicate the essentials in DEI, along with its partner The Small World Group. Together they offer a proven method for realizing and sustaining the goals of an inclusive culture.

PathSight’s unique model enhances person-to-person communications regardless of the market sector. With the addition of the Manitoba, Canada based Winnipeg Metro Region, PathSight continues to grow its roster of over 30 corporate and government clients. 

“During 2021 the PathSight model provides a source of proprietary research to fuel an advanced communication strategy that supports communications and marketing across the province consumer and corporate entities,” said Executive Director Coleen Sklar of Winnipeg Metropolitan Region. “Pathsight has supported us in plans that map the next 30 years of economic development in the region.”

“Over the last 7 years Pathsight has developed deep sector expertise, particularly in healthcare compliance communication, financial services, hospitality, consumer services, and DEI,” says Markus Deutsch, Board Member and Managing Director.

Pathsight has conducted direct research with over 100k participants in the USA, UK, Italy and Canada. This research, based on millions of datapoints, served to refine and back-test PathSight’s segmentation and communication approach. These approaches are stable and stunningly accurate predictors of a person’s thoughts, beliefs and actions across any number of human activities.

Dr. Robert Raleigh, Founder of PathSight and Author of The Search for WHY, a Revolutionary New Model for Understanding Others, (Simon and Schuster, 2021), states”It’s remarkable how our key take-aways in both consumer, business, and government work support the findings that there are 5 instinctual types of individuals across all sectors of society, across age, gender, ethnicity, education, and income. In DEI in particular, we have learned how to build inclusive, productive cultures by:

  • Understanding the relationships between these instinctual patterns and how they translate into different preferred work styles.
  • Delivering our services with an understanding that each engagement is unique. There is no one size fits all solution.

Our model is applicable to individuals, groups, and whole organizations as they seek to streamline their communications and create sustainable cultures.”

About Dr. Raleigh: With a Ph.D. in psychology and a 30-year career in marketing and media, Bob Raleigh is the principal architect of PathSight Predictive Analytics and the resulting engagement and communication model. He continues to evolve the company’s product and service offerings and spearheads business development and strategic partnerships. He has worked for companies such as Carsey Werner Television, Spelling Entertainment and Sperry Corporation.

About Mr. Deutsch: Markus Deutsch is an advisor and Board Member of PathSight. He has sector expertise in hospitality and leisure, real estate, banking, M&A, and B-C Database Marketing. Mr. Deutsch is also Principal of Landmark Global Associates LLC

About Pathsight: PathSight Predictive Analytics has made it possible to accurately know how someone will respond to imagery, messaging and experiences based on instincts hidden in the deep brain and predict future responses. PathSight then helps clients construct the optimal Human Interface—at scale and across any audience channel and technology.

Applying a scientific approach to the art of communications, our solutions are based on years of brain research and millions of points of data gathered and analyzed. It has taken decades for a number of different sciences and technologies to mature to a point that they could collectively deliver a solution like PathSight. Finally, what the entire marketplace has been waiting for has arrived.

Pathsight was founded in 2014 utilizing a synthesis of data research CEO Bob Raleigh and various research bodies have conducted over 20 years.

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