Spire Labs Pioneers Data-Driven “Precision WellbeingTM” Through Partnership with PathSight Predictive Science

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The Spire platform is available through native iPhone and Android apps, as well as at http://spire.me. (Photo: Business Wire)

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Spire Labs, the technology innovation company and creator of Spire, a personalized social network for employee wellbeing, announced a new focus on developing Precision WellbeingTM through a partnership with leading behavioral data science innovator, PathSight Predictive Science.

PathSight’s technology leverages the latest in neurological discovery, which reveals that the human brain makes decisions on the instinctive level, based on the predictive wiring of the deep brain. This is contrary to the previously accepted theory that the brain merely reacts to external stimuli. The introduction of PathSight’s capabilities will further enable Spire Labs to deliver engagement that is increasingly fine-targeted, approaching segmentation at the individual level.

New approach to #wellness: “Precision Wellbeing” Pioneered by @Spire, with @PathSight Predictive Science.

“Spire Labs is committed to treating people as individuals,” explained Jay Kelley, CEO of Spire Labs. “We’ve always used social dynamics and a delightful member experience to help people receive the support that means the most to them, and with PathSight’s incredible methodologies, we have the ability to take the next step in speaking to people in their own language.”

The Spire platform is used by employers, health plans and population health entities to facilitate the peer-to-peer interactions that are critical to creating sustained behavior change and culture-change for large organizations and populations.

“Spire provides an ideal mechanism for implementing the insights that we’re able to provide,” said Dr. Robert Raleigh, CEO of PathSight. “PathSight’s human model is built on the newfound understanding of how decisions are made, and this partnership will provide some exciting applications of our capabilities.”

Dr. Dennis Robbins, a prominent healthcare thought leader and Spire Labs advisory board member, is providing strategic guidance on the partnership. “Moving from a patient-based to a person-centric model is the key next step for sustained engagement for our industry,” said Dr. Robbins. “PathSight’s biologically-inspired predictive model, combined with Spire’s robust engagement platform, is the type of partnership we need, to take that next step.”

The two companies are currently collaborating on ways to integrate their technologies and will provide updates to the industry in the coming weeks.

About Spire Labs Inc.

Spire Labs helps people lead happier, healthier lives, with technology that is easy and enjoyable to use. Spire Labs’ flagship platform, Spire, is a social network that builds healthy culture and positive interactions in the workplace. Members connect with and support each other through teams, challenges, competitions, and Spire’s unique Social Points system, all of which have been specifically designed to drive engagement and social support. In addition to Spire’s own challenges and incentives, employers and health plans also have the ability to integrate existing rewards programs, health content, and other wellness assets into Spire’s social environment, increasing their exposure and amplifying their impact. Spire is currently being offered to over 1 million lives across the US. To find out more, visit http://spirelabs.co.

About PathSight Predictive Science Inc.

PathSight has made it possible to accurately know how someone will respond to imagery, messaging and experiences based on instincts hidden in the deep brain. Optimal human interfaces at scale and across any audience channel and technology are then constructed. PathSight is able to define who we are engaging, why they like what they like and design engagements that influence behavior.

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