Why 55% of White Women Voted For Donald Trump

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White Women Donald Trump

In the case of the “55% of White women who voted for President Donald Trump” we know Why

Our view of voting is that everyone has core beliefs that influence how we vote.  Those beliefs or issues tend to aggregate for or against a candidate.  Here is how we tallied the layers of issues that aggregated for women voters and were not reflected in the pre-election polling:

  1. There were a significant number of women who just plain loyal to Republican Party and the nominee.  This is a core value to many.
  2. There are many who believe in the traditional values for defining gender roles and a family.  Deviation from this point of view require an openness to change that they do not have.   This is also is linked into a percentage of Conservative Christian voters with similar views. Both groups also are likely to follow strong leaders with a loyalty to their pastors and the president
  3. Some White women voters believe that to be truly American one must be White.   The extends from being actively exclusionary to being willfully unaware of racial disparities in America.
  4. Some equate the health of America almost exclusively as referendum on our economy.  
  5. Resistance to change to conform to the vision of the other party is a great for them.

When you add up the voters across these attributes, this is WHY ~55% of white woman voted for Donald Trump.


Finding Balance in The Chaos of The Election: The Eye Opening Lessons of November 8th

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